About Health Services for Employees at the DePauw Health Wellness Center

DePauw University has developed a comprehensive wellness program that focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our faculty and staff. We want our employees to lead balanced lives and commit to developing lifelong habits of wellness. The campus Wellness Center is available to all faculty and staff participating on the Depauw University Health Plan, as well as their dependents. The Wellness Center is located on the first floor of Hogate Hall at 800 South Locust Street.

Reach Us Directly

Phone: (765) 658-4555
Fax: (765) 658-4558

Schedule a Medical Appointment

Click here to access the DePauw Health Wellness Center scheduling tool or call (765) 658-4555 to make an appointment. Click here to get answers to FAQs about the online scheduling tool, or to print an Instruction Sheet.

Schedule a Wellness Coaching Session

Please call (317) 718-8160 to schedule a personalized wellness coaching appointment with a certified Wellness Nurse.

Hours for Health Services

Click here to view our Wellness Clinic hours for employees.

Health Services

On August 1, 2015, the Wellness Center on the DePauw University campus re-opened, featuring a remodeled space and enhanced services. The Center supports the academic success, physical health and mental well being of faculty and staff by providing the highest quality offerings in a timely and confidential manner. All faculty, staff and their dependents covered under the DePauw University health plan are eligible to use the Center’s medical services.

There is no fee for most services provided in the Wellness Center as they are covered through health insurance premium contributions. Services include:

  • Clinic visits – annual physicals, sick visits and wellness coaching.
  • Chronic disease management – support from clinical staff to better manage conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma and others.
  • Health risk assessments – helps identify targeted concerns and preventive health goals.
  • Referrals and care navigation – support in the coordination of specialty referrals when needed, as well as the management of follow-up care.
  • Lab draws – conveniently available on-site with rapid results turnaround.

Electronic Medical Records

DePauw utilizes a secure electronic medical record system to enable better coordination of care and more streamlined physician ordering. Also, a customized patient portal will foster greater communication among employees and Wellness Center staff. In addition, the electronic medical record platform enables patients to access a convenient and secure portal for their health information.