DePauw Dining services, operated by Bon Appétit, are an integral part of the innovative health programming underway at DePauw University.

Campus dining services embrace the wellness-center philosophy and health goals of the DePauw Health program. As our partner, Bon Appétit supports the university’s approach around holistic wellness for its students, faculty and staff. They have brought their corporate culture focused on conservation and environmentally sound sourcing practices to the DePauw community, and strive to bring fresh and healthy fare to DePauw Dining services.

As an industry leader in innovation and sustainability, Bon Appétit is a central part of the nutrition resources available through DePauw Health. The company will continue to work with the team at DePauw University, Hendricks Regional Health and Putnam County Hospital to bring its award-winning, healthy menus to all of the audiences served by DePauw University.