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March 17, 2015

DePauw University announced today a new and unique partnership with Hendricks Regional Health, Putnam County Hospital and LHD Benefits focused on creating a wellness-centered college campus unlike any other in the region. This innovative hospital-university collaboration will significantly expand medical services and wellness programming to the school’s students, faculty and staff.

The partnership is the product of the University’s goal to create a more holistic and integrated healthcare environment. In total, it will bring enhanced wellness offerings and healthy lifestyle programs, made possible by a new on-site wellness center that will provide primary care services for employees and students. Other elements of the partnership include healthcare-focused experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students, along with targeted health services and wellness initiatives.

“Supporting the complete health and well-being of our DePauw community is paramount to having an environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking and engagement,” said DePauw University President Brian W. Casey. “Collaborating with Hendricks Regional Health and Putnam County Hospital will position DePauw as a wellness-focused institution that is set apart from other liberal arts colleges. This partnership lifts up our overarching goal to foster intellectual challenge and create a vibrant campus culture in ways that prepare our students for lives of purpose and accomplishment.”

The partnership brings both expanded services as well as cost saving opportunities for DePauw and its employees. Estimates project that the university will realize a savings over a ten-year period of $4.7 million gross and $1.9 million in net savings. DePauw employees participating in the university’s health plan, and their dependents, will be able to reduce their out-of-pocket medical expenses by using the clinic and its free or reduced cost services. For example, a family of four, with a typical healthcare utilization rate as defined by the National Center for Health Statistics, would gain a potential savings of $1,220 annually when leveraging the partnership’s offerings.

Hendricks Regional Health, with support from Putnam County Hospital, will provide DePauw students, faculty and staff with on-site access to preventive healthcare, injury and illness care, health coaching and wellness programs, condition management, pharmacy and medication management. Clinical experts including physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals also will provide integrated health education on topics such as healthy eating, physical fitness, stress management, sexual health, tobacco cessation and substance abuse prevention.

Services will be available to the 2,250 enrolled students, as well as more than 600 faculty and staff participating in the university’s health plan, along with their dependents. In addition, the hospital partners will collaborate with athletic staff to provide athletic training, sports medicine and physical therapy for 550 student athletes participating on DePauw’s 23 intercollegiate sports teams.

Other aspects of the partnership include a program supporting the special health and wellness needs of DePauw’s music students. Healthcare providers will work in tandem with music faculty and staff to provide baseline screening and implement protocols for prevention of performance-related injuries and hearing problems by providing targeted education, training and resources.

Community-based programs, such as an expansion of the Indiana Pacers Bike Share program, on the DePauw campus and in the City of Greencastle are also planned.

Services will begin by August 1, 2015, with the opening of a temporary on-site wellness center location. The University and its partners are seeking a long-term facility solution to house the growing health and wellness program.

The partnership represents the latest move by the Danville, Indiana-based Hendricks Regional Health into on-site healthcare and wellness, with a specific focus in developing tailored wellness programs and tools that educate and engage employees.

“Our organizations share a vision to build something unique at DePauw, bringing health and wellness to the forefront for the entire university community,” said Kevin P. Speer, President & CEO of Hendricks Regional Health. “We are excited for this opportunity to positively impact the health of those served by DePauw while helping the university lower healthcare costs. We believe this partnership has what it takes to make DePauw University among the healthiest college campuses in the entire nation.”

Current healthcare services for both students and employees will be modernized to include a secure electronic medical record system that will improve continuity of care. A web-based scheduling system will create an easy access point for health services, while a digital tracking tool will help participants succeed in their wellness goals.

The partnership will extend beyond medical services to encompass opportunities for student experiential learning through internships, clinics and job shadow experiences. Coordinated through DePauw’s Hubbard Center for Student Engagement, students will have opportunities to explore a variety of healthcare disciplines within the Hendricks network; medical experts will also participate in on-campus educational programming.

Additional health and fitness initiatives will launch in conjunction with the new clinic, designed to foster a fit-friendly campus environment. “We are working on implementing outside-of-the-box initiatives like a bike share program through our partners at the Indiana Pacers,” said Speer. “These types of programs will encourage staff and students to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine.”

Putnam County Hospital further complements the joint venture through its network of high-quality health services and medical specialists. Located in Greencastle, Putnam County Hospital has been caring for the communities neighboring DePauw University for nearly a century.

“DePauw has set its sights on an exceptional goal and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it,” said Dennis Weatherford, Putnam County Hospital CEO. “Not only do they have the potential to become one of the country’s healthiest campuses, they are also laying the groundwork to provide inventive and customized wellness services and programs to their employees as well. In a time when many employers are cutting back on health coverage, DePauw is enhancing benefits while working directly with healthcare organizations to reduce medical expenses.”

Jeff Hadden, a partner at LHD Benefit Advisors, provides counsel to DePauw regarding its health benefits programs and has significant experience leading employers through the launch of on-site healthcare initiatives. “From the clinic’s second year of operation moving forward, it should reduce the University’s healthcare spend by a minimum of two percent annually,” said Hadden. “Additionally, employees will experience a reduction in out-of-pocket medical and prescription drug costs by using the Clinic.”

“This partnership is unique and differentiating for DePauw,” Hadden added. “The wellness programming and adoption of updated technology will create the opportunity for enhanced services and improvement in the overall health status of the DePauw community beyond what has been historically demonstrated.”

Visit DePauwHealth.org for ongoing updates and information about this innovative partnership.


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