Learning Opportunities

Executive Summary

Today’s healthcare organizations boast many offerings beyond medical services to the populations they serve. Now more than ever, hospitals have become community partners to help build and maintain healthier families, provide support to cultural organizations and nonprofits, and create programs and services that prevent illness and disease before it begins.

Hendricks Regional Health and Putnam County Hospital will showcase the dynamic, fulfilling world of healthcare and the human services field to DePauw University students through a wide variety of learning opportunities. A range of unique and collaborative internships and job shadow experiences will provide a springboard for students to embrace their potential in the medical field. Exploring and discovery is a very important part of the academic process, and student participants will leave their experience with a greater sense of today’s healthcare landscape – and importantly, how they might make contributions within it.

According to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) statistics, 95 percent of employers value experience as a key differentiator for college graduates. Students in our internship program will gain practical experience in both clinical and non-clinical hospital areas by applying skills and methods learned in the classroom. Educational efforts will focus on promoting critical thinking abilities, teamwork, and transferrable skills.

Key Components

Healthcare Orientation

  • One-day program for 20 to 25 students, offered at the Hendricks Regional Health Plainfield Campus.
  • Course content will include a general healthcare overview and orientation with emphasis on healthcare administration and an introduction to the Affordable Care Act.
    • Healthcare administration curriculum will include insights into the leadership, management, and administration of hospitals, medical networks and public health systems.
    • Affordable Care Act curriculum will explore the concerns facing the American health care system and discuss the specific ways that the Affordable Care Act will impact access to medical services, quality of care, costs and medical technologies.

Cuba Healthcare Winter Term Program

  • The program will include an embedded nine-day excursion to Cuba as part of a three week term.
  • 10-13 students will participate annually.
  • Offered in partnership with the Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN), which operates an academic center in Havana, Cuba.
  • Student participants will experience firsthand and reflect with Cubans on healthcare delivery, schools, neighborhood projects, natural and traditional medicine, environmental protection, organic agriculture, art and culture and their role in building and maintaining healthy communities in Cuba.

"Hands-On Healthcare" Professional Education Series

  • Sessions can include up to 50-75 students.
  • The program will feature collaboration between the DePauw University Student Medical Fraternity and Hendricks Regional Health physicians.
  • Sessions will feature a hands-on learning approach to topics such as suturing (topics will be determined through input from both participating students and physicians).
  • DePauw University Medical Career Advisor (Hubbard Center) will also be involved in designed session curriculum.

Hendricks Regional Health Internship

  • Hendricks Regional Health will offer four to six full-time internship positions for DePauw University students.
  • Two to four will be pre-med positions in clinical areas; one to two positions will be in non-clinical/healthcare administrative areas.