With the new Our Healthy Tigers wellness incentive program, we are adding additional opportunities for DePauw health plan participants to schedule their annual physicals. Below, please see the schedule of expanded Wellness Center hours available in December. Contact the DePauw Health Wellness Center with questions or to schedule.

Additional Hours in December: 

Monday December 3, 2018                       12pm – 4pm (Dr. Speelman)

Wednesday December 5, 2018                 9am – 3pm (Dr. Stopperich)

Thursday December 6, 2018                     1pm – 6pm (Dr. Stopperich)

Friday December 7, 2018                           12pm – 5pm (Dr. Stopperich)

Tuesday December 12, 2018                     9am – 2pm (Dr. Stopperich) and 2pm – 6pm (Dr. Speelman)

Friday December 14, 2018                         8am – 12pm (Dr. Speelman)

Monday December 17, 2018                     12pm – 4pm (Ali Gerber, NP)

Wednesday December 19, 2018               9am – 3pm (Dr. Stopperich)

Friday December 21, 2018                         8am – 12pm (Dr. Tripple)