How do students waive insurance?

Students may waive insurance by going to and submitting their insurance information by September 4, 2020, 11:59 P.M..  The portal to provide proof of insurance will open May 1, 2020.


How do I know if my plan meets the requirements to waive the University’s insurance?

For 2020-2021, ALL insurance will meet the waiver requirement as long as information is submitted through the portal.  Please note that there are additional requirements for students participating in intercollegiate athletics and your personal health insurance plan must cover injuries sustained through intercollegiate athletics.


What if I don’t submit my insurance information through the waiver portal by September 4, 2020?

You will be automatically enrolled in the University’s insurance plan and the charge for the University insurance will remain on your student account.


If a student elects to purchase insurance through DePauw, what happens?

After a student’s information is submitted to EIIA, students will receive an email to set-up their account online.


What if I want to be covered by the insurance offered by the University?

Students may purchase insurance by going to Once the waiver period has closed, any student who has not provided proof of personal health insurance or has not elected to be covered by the DePauw plan will be automatically enrolled in the DePauw insurance plan.


Will the University’s insurance plan meet the requirements for student-athletes?

No.  The University policy does not cover athletically related injuries.  Students who need athletics coverage can purchase a policy from that covers athletically related injuries.


Will international students be enrolled in this new plan?

No.  International students will continue to have health insurance coverage under a separate policy that meets visa requirements.  International students will be automatically enrolled and their student accounts automatically billed.


Which local providers/resources will be available through the University’s insurance (United Healthcare)?

Local providers, such as Putnam County Hospital and Hendricks Regional Health are considered in-network.  A report detailing in-network all hospitals within a 50 mile radius of Greencastle can be found here.  United Healthcare has a national network of providers, too. 


Are mental health services covered under the University’s insurance?

Yes.  Treatment for mental illness is paid the same as any other sickness.


Does this policy include dental and vision benefits?

No.  This policy does not include routine dental and vision benefits.  The plan will cover treatment secondary to dental or eye injury.


Does this policy include wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are covered for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth only – if a student chooses to use a preferred provider there is no copay and the provider will be paid at the preferred allowance.  If the student goes out-of-network it is paid at 80% of the usual and customary rate.


Can the student get a refund if they become insured and already have purchased/been billed for the policy?  

No. No refunds will be made for students who secure personal insurance after they already have paid for coverage.  


Will the type of insurance a student has effect access to the DePauw Health Wellness Center and Counseling Services?

No. Access to the DePauw Health Wellness Center and Counseling Services will not change. Every student maintains access to the DePauw Health Wellness Center and Counseling Services.


Will my insurance be billed when I go to the DePauw Health Wellness Center?

No. A student’s personal insurance will not be billed for services provided by Hendricks Regional Healthcare in the DePauw Wellness Center.  


Will my insurance be billed when I go to Counseling Services?

No.  A student’s personal insurance will not be billed for services provided by DePauw University Counseling Center staff.


What happens if student is studying abroad?

Students are required to provide proof of insurance for the semester(s) in which they are on campus in Greencastle; students will have the option to waive the University’s policy and purchase a policy through the University’s study abroad program for the semester in which they are off-campus.


How will this affect DACA students?

DACA students will be able to purchase an insurance plan normally offered to international students (this policy does not require a student to have a social security number).


Will the University’s insurance cover services and medications for people living with HIV?

Yes. The University plan will cover services and medications related to people living with HIV, including PrEP.  Benefits for this medication are consistent with prescription drug benefits (more than likely level 3). Students who have specific questions should follow up directly with the provider.


What support does the University insurance provide transgender students?

Medical services for transgender students is consistent with plan provisions for all students.  United HealthCare has a transgender hotline and email box that students can use to have confidential discussions with an expert on what is covered, what to expect, etc..


How are we working with students who do not have personal health insurance?

If a student does not have personal health insurance and has additional questions or concerns about DePauw insurance provisions or cost of enrollment, please contact Stevie Baker-Watson, associate vice president for campus wellness and director of athletics and recreational sports.