Staff Feature: Lisa Seyffarth, Exercise Physiologist

“The biggest misconception people have about exercise is that it is too hard and they can’t do it.”

These words are what inspire exercise physiologist Lisa Seyffarth in her role as a wellness professional with DePauw Health. Through coaching sessions, she works with participants to help them embrace a healthier life by developing personalized wellness strategies.

Along with Dr. Harsha, Lisa is helping to spearhead the Exercise Is Medicine program at DePauw. She is supporting the initiative by developing new fitness programs and resources to increase physical activity on campus. Lisa is also working to build a steering committee to gain insight into wellness programs students and faculty are most interested in. “I work to get people moving because it plays such a vital role in our health,” she said.

Learn more about wellness coaching
Wellness coaching is available at the campus Wellness Center for students and faculty and staff participating on the DePauw University Health Plan, as well as their dependents. There is no out-of-pocket cost for this service. Call (317) 718-8160 to schedule.

“The DePauw Health wellness team is available to educate and help define the best way to begin,” Lisa said. “We can navigate a path where we can make movement work for you.”