Annual Well-Care Visits Are Not Just for Kids

The benefits of a yearly physical

In the DePauw Health Wellness Center, we are focused on ensuring our patients know the benefits of regular well-care visits. As adults, we need annual check-ups to protect our health and prevent or delay chronic illness. However, for some of us, we may not see a healthcare provider until we begin experiencing health problems or concerning symptoms.

Here are just a few key benefits of getting a yearly well-care visit:

Your Health is Ever-Changing
One important reason an annual physical is so important is the ever-changing nature of our health. Within even a short period of time, your vital health indicators such as blood pressure, BMI and blood glucose levels can change significantly. These changes can be positive or negative; either way, you can only know for sure by getting a physical. Annually occurring exams increase the chances of detecting a negative change early on, and early detection makes it easier to manage these changes.

Establishing a Personal Health Baseline
Coming in for an annual physical also helps your provider establish your personal health baseline. A baseline is your biological information (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc.) found at your normal level of health, which can be compared to later results to make sure you are still healthy. Once your provider has these baselines, it becomes a lot easier for him or her to spot unhealthy trends before they become risk factors.

Detecting Concerns That May Have No Symptoms
Did you know that some health problems, such as high blood pressure, can have few or no symptoms? These conditions may only be detected by your healthcare provider. This is just one more reason that getting a physical is a great way for you to regularly monitor your health.

What You Can Expect At Your Appointment
When you visit the DePauw Health Wellness Center or your family physician’s office for a yearly physical, you can expect us to:

  • Check your height, weight and blood pressure
  • Review your family history and personal health risks
  • Discuss recommended preventive screenings such as a colonoscopy, mammogram or essential lab tests
  • Talk about any vaccinations that you may need
  • Provide you the opportunity to ask questions

If you need a colonoscopy or mammogram, the team will work with our partners at Putnam County Hospital or Hendricks Regional Health to get you scheduled.

At the DePauw Health Wellness Center, we think of you as an active member of your own health care team. During your annual well-care visit, we will not only check your vitals, we will also get to know you. As you get to know us, we hope you see us not only as your healthcare provider, but also as a comprehensive team genuinely committed to helping you live a longer and better life.

Schedule today
Schedule now at your family physician’s office or the DePauw Health Wellness Center. If you would like to have your yearly well-care visit in the Wellness Center, annual physical appointments are now available through August. Click here to learn more.

By Dr. David Harsha, DePauw Health Medical Director