Back to School Is the New January: Tips for Setting a Healthy Routine

Whether you are a student getting back into the swing of classes and study time—or if your student days are gone, but school displays in local stores remind you of past fun—this time of year offers an opportunity to commit to a healthy lifestyle routine.

Step 1: Get Motivated

Motivation can be a tricky phenomenon, and motivators are likely to change over time. Many different factors affect motivation in one extreme or the other, like social outings, holidays, vacations or unexpected health events. Maybe you are working really hard to lower your blood pressure to keep your heart healthy, or maybe you want to get fit so you can feel great in your favorite bathing suit. But your hard work might be derailed when your friend asks you to eat dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and then hit the movies for popcorn, candy and sitting for two-plus hours.

Know that motivation and the time you commit to your healthy self is fluid and flexible. Maybe back-to-school time triggers your desire to get back on the wagon, or maybe it’s just that next Monday or the first of the month. Regardless of the time, think of the best time for you. What are your motivators for getting back on track and sticking with a healthy lifestyle? Jot them down on a sticky note or in a journal and place them where you will see them frequently.

Step 2: Set a Goal

Now that you have your motivators list, now it’s time to set a goal. Be sure to write it down. Doing so will make it feel official and help you stay accountable. When setting a goal, we use the SMART principle. Make your goal Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic and Timely. Using this method promotes success and helps you make legit changes in life and feel great about your accomplishment.

We suggest starting with one goal. If you want to make two, go for it—but make sure they are realistic for your current lifestyle so you have the best chance to achieve them. Attaining our goals helps our “positive” self-talk and drives our motivation.

Step 3: Commit Already!

If you are needing help with your goals, motivation and getting back on the wagon—schedule a visit with our Wellness Coaching Team today! Please call 317-718-8175 to schedule.